Advantages of Alkebulan Briquettes

Sr. No.ParametersOther Briquette ManufacturersAlkebulan “Activated” Briquettes
1Calorific Value (Kcal/Kg)3200 to 44004400 to 4800
2Moisture Content (%)8 to 125 to 7
3Ash Content (%)7 to 105 Max
4BRIX + POL + PITH (%)6 to 83 Max
5ColourLight to Dark BrownDark Yellow
6Particle Size10 to 20 mm. 15% Max Powdery5 to 15mm, 20 to 25% Powdery.
7Steam to Fuel Ratio1.5 to 1.752 to 2.5
8Briquettes Consumption per day (Tons)XX – 15% (You save 15%)
9Boiler EfficiencyY %Y + 3%
10Heat Generation PatternScattered Waves
Girl in a jacket
Has no effect on heat transfer behaviour of Combustion chamber.
Coherent Intense Waves
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Raises Combustion Chamber Heat transfer Efficiency through Thermal Streaming.
11Ash UsabilityNilWe collect the Ash and reuse in our production of Organic Fertilizers