Animal Fodder/Cattle Feed

Did you know you can use waste products to make organic fertilizers and produce animal feeds? You heard me right! Yes, waste products can create animal feeds too. That sounds like a great deal! It is. Is the cost of providing your animals and poultry a challenge? Do you want a high-quality feed? Are you […]

Organic Fertilizers From Waste

Are you a farmer? Is your farming venture no longer profitable? Do you require increasing your yields? Do you need help in deciding which fertilizers to use? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the solution to your problem is organic fertilizers. The importance of fertilizers in agricultural production cannot be overestimated. Fertilizers […]

Waste Management Challenges In Kenya

Waste management is a critical component of urban infrastructure and public health, and is necessary for the long-term success of any city. Proper waste management provides its citizens with a healthy and clean environment and attracts satisfied and productive residents. This article will dive into the top challenges regarding Kenya’s overwhelming waste management dilemma. Kenya’s […]

Circular Economy And Its Benefits

Now a days our development system is based on the so-called Linear Economy, which exploits natural resources (mostly fossils) to generate goods and services, closing its production process with the elimination of waste, destinated to accumulate more and more. On the other hand, Circular Economy aims to reduce most of the waste, converting it into […]

The Importance Of CSR For Companies

Consumers, employees and institutions are clamoring for a new way of doing business, which is more attentive to social and environmental issues. Businesses are answering by developing a more responsible and sustainable role to remain competitive. What is CSR? The acronym CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, it refers to a company policy that manages […]